The Mormon got me sick this weekend. (He doesn’t know how to cover his mouth… jerk.) Friendship: terminated.

Last night was NyQuil time, but now it’s tea time! Thank all that is holy that I still have some leftover honey from my beekeeping coworker.

warmth + citrus + spice + honey = soothed human

Just so you’re aware. I know you were wondering.

Now I am laying in bed editing exercises for work, listening to The Brothers Green teach me things via YouTube (free schooling!), and skimming Tumblr.

As you were, healthy humans. As you were.

  1. danielleruns said: More laptops, need more laptops.
  2. my-life--in-a-nutshell said: Feel Better!
  3. mrsfitwatcher said: Get well soon, Brenny!
  4. jessaetcetera said: FREAKING CRASHCOURSE, MAN. Hashtag intelligent comment Hashtag love that channel
  5. turtleseyeview said: I hope you feel better soon!
  6. regainingmymoxy said: It must be related to being the person someone was coming to see.
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