One of my co-workers gifted me a pair of skis. That is a big deal, you guys. SKIS. In exchange, I made him cupcakes. Well, I made him more cupcakes. I made him those fruity pebbles ones from a while back, and after work on Friday, I made some pumpkin spice cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting. 

On Friday night, I braved a ski swap in Park City with him and his girlfriend to find some boots to go with my new-to-me Bandits. We had to wait an hour outside, sans jackets, in 36 degree temps to get inside. So rude. BUT! Worth it, because I found a pair of boots that were entirely too expensive, but OHMYGOSHSOCOMFY. As far as ski boots go, at any rate. Then I waited in line another hour+ in order to purchase them. I didn’t get home until after midnight. Double rude.

I was up at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday to go skiing. I should also mention that while I paid an arm and a leg (and both kidneys) in exchange for a season pass to one resort, it doesn’t open until December. And two resorts opened in Salt Lake this weekend, so I paid a few more dollars to go to one of those. Which also happens to be one of the steepest resorts in Utah. And have I mentioned that I’ve never really skied before? Just that one time for a few hours last year. Risky wager, I know.

We spent the entire day skiing. We skipped the bunny hill, jumping right into greens. I felt nauseated before we even started. (When I get really nervous, it manifests physically as extreme nausea.) As Anders slid down the slope, I did my best to follow his tracks and not go fast at all and not cross my skis (which are too long for me, but whatever, because FREE). I practiced getting up a lot. When I got tired or frustrated or scared, I wanted to sit down on the mountain like the silly snowboarders, but then I realized I would just be a jerk getting in everyone’s way, I would not be learning, and my butt would get cold. I ended up going way too fast, and learned quickly that it’s hard to uncross your skis while moving, harder still to slow down with crossed skis, and downright impossible to turn with your skis crossed. I really need to not let my skis cross so that I can turn more (and not fall), because more turns = slower = more control. I eventually got comfortable and achieved some tiny semblance (maybe?) of control, and I managed to get in a bunch of runs without falling. Use the whole mountain. Use the whole mountain. Use the whole mountain. Repeat forever.

Early on, we had set a goal to get me down the steepest part of the trail by the end of the day. As daylight began to dwindle, I totally wanted to punk out, because reasons. Like self-preservation. He wouldn’t let me, and I ended up learning more on that section of trail than anywhere else. Ugh. Stop being right.

After about 5.5 hours, lots of learning, and 20ish runs, I tapped out. Uncle, mercy, “I yield,” etc. My poor, poor beginner’s body. I fell asleep before 9:30.

Today, I spent the day with the dudes eating (waffles and enchiladas), driving around (trying to find fossils and being threatened with guns), and watching a very odd array of films (Doris Day, Hayao Miyazaki, and Melissa McCarthy… don’t ask).

Oh, and I just stepped on a huge spider. While barefoot. And it crunched. So maybe you should be really happy that you’re not me.

Anyway, A+ weekend. Minus the spider incident.

  1. despetitesvictoires said: Ah man that is awesome! I got ski swap boots this weekend too :D. Mad jealous as there is only sight of snow at the very peaks of the mountains right now.
  2. captainmudphud said: Cleavage.
  3. ariavie said: Sounds fun! I’m jealous.
  4. josethompson said: Ugh, so lucky! I want to go skiing so bad!!!
  5. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Those pumpkin cupcakes sound divine. I think i need to come skiing (snowboarding for me) with you immediately. That spider. No.
  6. thegorydetails said: I got nauseous just thinking about it. The hurling down a slick mountain part, not the spider.
  7. malloryrunsthis said: I am absurdly jealous of the fact that you have snow to ski on right now.
  8. ibikealaska said: You have the life! What’s your secret? Really, really good cupcakes?! :) I skiid once (cross country) and ended up crying with frustration at falling over so much and being unable to get up. Kudos!!!
  9. danielleruns said: Gun threats & spider size. I need to know.
  10. gillsquirt said: Sounds like broken bones waiting to happen. Sweeeet! I’m so proud of you for the lack of injury report!
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