Yesterday I ran long. Jim Dale read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to me the whole way. So kind of him. (I think audiobooks on long runs might be my new thing.)

Out my door and up to the Capitol. Then up to the mouth of City Creek Canyon. Then up canyon some more, where wild sunflowers abounded. Then I turned around, ran home, and snapped a photo of myself jumping in the window of an empty store front. Because reasons.

The route I chose was hard. The hills on the out are total gassers, and the hills one the back are knee-trashers and toe-jammers.

Let’s not talk about how the seam along the inner thigh of my beloved lulu tights came undone and chafed me something awful for the latter eight miles. Deal? Deal.

12.0 miles. (895’ gain)


11:54 pace.

Then I spent the rest of the day eating too many brownies. Oops.

  1. funnyrunner said: I want you to know that I adore the reflection jump shot.
  2. backto100miles said: Love Jim Dale!!!
  3. becky-balances said: Teach me your altitude running ways!
  4. ouray said: Boooooo running ;)
  5. danielleruns said: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER LULU
  6. shortmom said: Ouch
  7. runningforbiscuits said: Life is about balance.
  8. turtleseyeview said: Mr. Dale gets me through many a run.
  9. jrfred said: I may have to try audio books for my longer training runs. Good idea!
  10. michaelontherun said: Jim Dale? Stephen Fry 4 Lyfe.
  11. themotherrunner said: Woooooot! Audiobooks/podcasts are the bessssst.
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