I was supposed to run 6 miles tonight with the middle 2 at tempo. I hate tempo runs, and I love rowing. Huh.


  • 400m run, untimed
  • mobility work


Team Row (in teams of three; alternate every 250m)

  • 10k


I wanted to do this one by myself, but there weren’t enough rowers. So instead of a nice steady state 10k by myself, I did 14x (250m sprint, ~2:00 rest) @ ~1:50/500m pace. I kept it under a 2:00 pace for every interval. That’s suuuper fast for me! The girl in the orange shorts was on my team… she was pulling ~1:43 the whole time. Making all the dudes look bad.

So I didn’t run, but I don’t care. Intervals are tooootally good running speed work. I’m not even kidding. That’s real. Pinky promise.

ALSO! My coworker’s S/O (also a Crossfitter at our gym) owns a food truck. Burgers! He parked himself outside tonight, and we all picnicked post-WOD while discussing next week’s Ragnar adventures.

My gym is the cutest.

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