Get on my level.


  • 500m row, untimed
  • line drills
  • 2x (10x squat, 10x push-up, 10x sit-up)
  • barbell progressions
  • walking around the gym in circles with bars on our backs/fronts/hanging

WOD - “The Tekton Mile” (load a bar with any weight & carry it on your back, in front rack, or in the hang position for a mile - 2x burpee penalty at the end for every time you drop the barbell)

  • 1 mile, 85# (suggested weight for women = 65#, men = 95#. all of our regionals-level women were doing 95#)
  • 10x burpee penalty (dropped bar 5x)


Brutal. So much more mental than anything else. My muscles were fine, but my shoulders hurt so much from holding the bar on my back for so long. Like inside. So pinchy, that position.

About average as far as times goes. If I could safely get a 95# barbell on my back from the ground multiple times, I would have done that. As it stands, 95# is my max for a jerk, so no dice.

And now I will rutabaga-hash-and-avocado-egg skillet myself into the night.

  1. gilliansquirtle said: Dat face. Dat food.
  2. tallmormon said: No idea how you did this!
  3. mar-kicksass said: Om nom nom that looks so yummy!
  4. becky-balances said: I want that skillet.
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