Each weekend, I wonder if my adventures can top those of previous weekends. They’re never really comparable, but they’re always good.

This weekend, I:

  • saw the Tallest Man On Earth (one of my favorites!) perform. (Spoiler alert: he’s not very tall.)
  • bagged my sixth Utah peak, learned what altitude sickness feels like (gross), and signed the summit log with Nelly lyrics. (Gettin’ hot in herre, y’all!) I was also probed with multiple trekking poles. And I ate it real hard as we trail ran down from the summit (naturally on the very last switchbacks within eyesight of the car).
  • finally got The Mormon to start watching Firefly. Pretty sure he loves it way more than he does Judy Garland films and Baby Daddy.
  • ate M&Ms and an avocado for breakfast, learned how to rope up to walk across a glacier, touched/fired a gun for the first time, learned that either (1) I’m a decent shot or (2) I have really great beginner’s luck, and earned myself a nice bruise in an awkward place because apparently I rest shotguns on my arm instead of my shoulder (lolololoops).
  • attended a family barbecue and was instructed in the finer aspects of ball-throwing and slam-dunking. I also weaseled my way out of treadmill transportation.
  • hopped on a plane, read some pages, and celebrated some guy named Michael’s first working flight as a flight attendant. He was quite jovial, and he made me smile.
  • unpacked all of my workout gear, discovered the sexiest Chaco burn in all the land, and realized that I don’t have appropriate work shoes with me. Oops. #priorities
  • tried to figure out how anyone could compare this place to New York. You’re doing it so wrong, Vegas.

But really, who thought it would be a good idea to let me play with guns?

  1. tallmormon said: Did you pack your harness on your trip.. are you climbing in vegas…?
  2. captainmudphud said: NOT me
  3. ouray answered: LOL! Welcome to the West
  4. chrisbiketri said: Great weekend! Hopefully you won’t be stuck in a hotel/casino all day…our town is so pretty when you escape the Strip.
  5. rookcanrun said: I think I have a busy weekend and then I read your weekend recap! Adventuring for always!
  6. iammorethanarunner said: Sounds like a great weekend! I also had the same bruise the first time I shot too.
  7. jbizzle329 said: I want to be on your level.
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