Today was super lovely:

  • In to work an hour early so I could leave an hour early. (Feels like cheating the system every time!)
  • Groceries, errands, shenanigans.
  • CrossFit! (60 wall balls, 50 pull-ups, 40 box jumps, 30 one-armed KB snatches… brutal.)
  • GOT AN AWESOME NEW CROSSFIT SHIRT. My gym ordered old-school reversible basketball jerseys. I am in lust.
  • Gorged on watermelon when I got home… nearly made myself ill. Success!
  • Spent the evening FINALLY planning and prepping my garden. #therewillbebeets

And now I’m going to wash the salt and soil from my skin, crawl under my freshly laundered sheets, and read myself to sleep.

  1. rookcanrun said: Damnit Brenna! One upping me. We did 50 wall balls, 40 pullups, 30 box jumps, 20 45# plate snatches, and 10 jumping lunges with plate overhead. All the ugh!
  2. danielleruns said: I would like an old school reversible basketball jersey, thanks.
  3. shortmom said: I want a shirt! Tell me how much and I’ll send you mooolah. :-D
  4. iammorethanarunner said: Sounds fabulous
  5. nerdyjess said: Yes!
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