I have a pretty high pain tolerance. As in, yes, I can feel it, but usually I can just ignore it and not really think about it. I hurt myself fairly frequently from my indelible lack of grace (shocking, I know), but it’s rarely an issue.

We were doing dynamic stretches before the workout yesterday, and during one of them I felt painful pops in BOTH of my hamstrings. And it didn’t hurt so terribly after the initial strain, so I did the workout as RX’d (3RFT: 500m row, 7x 185# deadlift, 14x 20” box jump overs), because I’m an asshat.

After the workout, I felt sore. Like DOMS sore, not “Uh-oh, I messed up big time” sore. I tried a bit of stretching (probably exacerbating the issue, let’s be honest), but my hamstrings were sore to the touch, so I stopped. I went to Costco and walked around a bunch, but again - it wasn’t¬†painful perse, it just felt like DOMS-esque soreness.

Fast forward to 4:30am, and after only a few hours of sleep, I woke up from pain. No position is comfortable. My hamstrings hurt even if I’m not moving. I tried to fall back asleep for about an hour, and then I gave up.

I crawled (quite literally) out of bed to go find a million milligrams of ibuprofen (which I should have done last night), and the most pathetic whimper in the world escaped my mouth. I whimpered. Ugh.


I would have put the pain at 2 during/immediately following the workout, about a 6 or 7 when I woke up, and maybe a 5 right now. A 5 right now, and I’m not moving.

tl;dr - (1) I’m really cranky, because (2) I’m exhausted and (3) I can’t sleep, because (4) I fucked up BOTH of my hamstrings while¬†stretchingand now (5) I wince in pain every time that I move.

And this is why I don’t fucking stretch.

  1. lojogetsfaster said: :(
  2. funnyrunner said: Are you trying to outdo my calf pull by pulling both your hamstrings? Guts, it’s not a competition.
  3. lysrunning said: In nursing school i’ve learned that any level of pain is unacceptable but level 4 requires immediate intervention & 5/6 is considered a medical emergency. Basically - if you wanted serious pain meds you could get them. Hope you didn’t pop them completely!
  4. notovernight said: And that is why I don’t do stretches before running. I stretch only after being warmed up.
  5. falllingforward said: Pops are bad. Rowing should have hurt a lot.
  6. becky-balances said: You are the only person I know who reacts this way to stretching. Feel better!
  7. x-opher said: This was my calfs after Saturday and why I’m still resting. Hope you get better soon, holmes.
  8. spin-stir said: wow. sorry. ice ice baby. alternate icings at 5-10 min intervals. don’t run, don’t stretch today, ice. you’ll get back quick.
  9. westcoastrunner said: Ice bath first!! Then vascular flush…3min heat then 1 min ice 3x in a row! Do it ALOT!!!
  10. rookcanrun said: What in the actual fuck? 70% it will be ok.
  11. ouray said: That sucks! Get better fast!!
  12. thisfearlesslife said: massage the crap out of them! this is why im terrified of stretching.
  13. countdowntooz said: Get in an ice cold bath!
  14. nerdyjess said: Ugh. Stop hurting yourself! Xxoo
  15. easybeinggreene said: Are you telling me stretching just ruined your weekend? Sucks!
  16. runningwithguts posted this
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