GPOYW: A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

'Sup, playas? I left work an hour and a half early (I can do that!) to do Fight Gone Bad. My goal was 200 RX, and I got 201. Ballsy. My hair was straight pre-WOD. Post-WOD… not so much. So much sweat.

Then I played Ultimate for two hours, because: WEDNESDAY. (And because it was 70 and sunny. Neener, neener!)

When I got home, I was too hungry to cook, so I ate one of the mini French boules that I baked this morning and a bowl of frozen grapes. I should probably find some protein?

I’m into Wednesdays. They’re pretty okay in my book.

  1. learningthingsisfun said: Fuck. You.
  2. rookcanrun said: Funny, we did FGB yesterday too. By we I mean others. I coached it.
  3. notjuststrongforagirl said: I love you, physics girl! ;)
  4. jbizzle329 said: Me+you please.
  5. easybeinggreene said: i need to visit on a wednesday. because ultimate!
  6. danielleruns said: PHYSICS!
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