This morning I woke up at the ass crack of dawn (5:30) after no sleep (three hours).

I built a table and a few chairs, made asiago and sesame seed bagels, bathed, actually did my hair, set my table (because preeeeetty), made breakfast and packed lunch, went to the grocery store, and still arrived at work on time.

Monday can suck it.

Swoon away, Internet.

(PS - happy birthday, Michael!)

  1. runsforredvelvet said: OMG you made bagels! I seriously love you! :)
  2. eatteachwodrepeat said: Your hair really is cute!
  3. funnyrunner said: Who wakes up early to put together furniture??? Seriously, Guts, seriously….And I want a bagel.
  4. my-life--in-a-nutshell said: Those bagels look AMAZING!
  5. rxingfortwo said: Fuck it, I am moving to utah and brining elin. I wanna wife you
  6. rookcanrun said: So many wifing opportunities! You get so much sheet done so early! Way to adult like!
  7. gilliansquirtle said: GOD, what ya gotta have your shit together? i do NOT have my shit together, and this makes me want to be you. you look cute.
  8. captainmudphud said: So much UNF.
  9. temporarytransplant said: That is impressive! Those bagels look so good
  10. vegetablecupcakes said: I have the same table & chairs. Love them!
  11. ordinaryandnecessary said: I didn’t even have the energy to do my hair today.
  12. myquirkylife said: I have the exact table/chairs lol! I also built it myself, *high five* to us!
  13. runswithpoodle said: Bagels?! Before Passover?! Dude.
  14. engineering-fitness said: move to alabama and marry me
  15. hello-suninmyface said: You have great hair!
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