Starry Night: Park City edition.

I am an artist.

  1. gilliansquirtle said: what a lovely evening! i want to play.
  2. whitneyrunson said: I did one of those last week! Your painting looks better than mine. Mine only looks good if I drink a lot of wine and squint at it.
  3. runsforredvelvet said: Holy Crap! They have one of those of the Nashville skyline here and it always look IMPOSSIBLE!!! Great job!
  4. regainingmymoxy said: That is a lovely painting Brenna.
  5. kungfucaveman said: That is super cool
  6. tangodancingphdcandidate said: Acrylic?
  7. run-doozer-run said: Love it!!!
  8. trivialbob said: What does the “C” in the sun represent?
  9. mrsfitwatcher said: Awesome!!!
  10. mar-kicksass said: That is beautiful! I am so impressed! :)
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