I made a post today at work, but then Tumblr mangled it and ate it. Probably The Universe telling me to stay off Tumblr while I should be making maps. I think this was the gist of it:

  • Carolyn thinks that I bring a lot of food with me to work. She’s probably right.
  • I’ve been testing a beta version of a widely used software this week. Today I tried to open an important file. Said program crashed and deleted the file. Always back up your data, kids.
  • I have three upcoming adventures planned with the tall Mormon sir. EXCITEMENT.
  • My lungs are all, “LOLWUT” with the current inversion. <3 red air quality days! (…that last for weeks upon weeks) I’ve been hacking like a champ.
  • Can we talk about how lovely my salad is? Mixed greens, tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, butternut squash/eggplant sliders, greek yogurt, lime juice, and hot sauce. Just… perfection. (Laura, I shall post the recipe for the sliders shortly!)
  • "Does this come in a dark, muted earth tone? Yes? Perfect. I’ll take that color, then." #fashionlogic
  • My sister gets annoyed that I omit life-happenings from my blog. Sorry that you actually have to TALK TO ME. I know, I know… such an inconvenience.
  • Today my blog is two years old!
  1. captainmudphud replied:
  2. tallmormon said: That looks like a bottle of booze and Happy 2 years!
  3. therealdubtastic said: Your salad is nothing short of amazing.
  4. ironphenix said: Love this post
  5. carolynruns said: LIES! I ADORE your food! And that you bring a whole bottle of hot sauce to work. Also, one of those bottles looks suspiciously like vodka.
  6. gettingamyright said: Happy birthday to your blog! Looking forward to witnessing the ‘terrible twos’
  7. regainingmymoxy said: Happy blog-day! Please cook for me. Seriously.
  8. mar-kicksass said: What life happening did we miss? Also I love that salad! :)
  9. ariavie said: Matt’s coworkers make fun of him for all the containers of stuff he brings to work each night. They’re just jealous that he can eat all that and not get fat.
  10. gilliansquirtle said: i approve this message. i bring cholula with me to work sometimes too!!
  11. easybeinggreene said: Oh. And I have a fever and the only prescription is more CAMEL TOE
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