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Jess asked me questions. I don’t know why we’re working with 11 instead of 10, but I’m rolling with it. I’m answering because it’s Tuesday and people seem to do these sorts of things on Tuesdays. (Yeah?) And I want to. I’ll pose questions to the void that is Tumblr, but I’m not tagging any of you fools. I’m too lazy.

1. Do you have a degree and are you using it?

  • I have degrees in Geography and Geographic Information Science. I’m using them both to make maps of trees and teach people how to make maps of trees using satellite imagery and aerial photography. LIVIN’ THE LIFE, Y’ALL.

2. What is your dream race to run?

  • It was the New York City Marathon, but I already ran it as my first marathon. I don’t have a dream race anymore. I just really like running [when I’m in shape]. In any case, training is usually more fun for me than racing. INTROVERT ALERT.

3. If you had to have a midlife crisis, what do you think you would do because of it?

4. What does your name mean?

  • Brenna is Gaelic and means “raven-haired” - I was born with black hair. How many people do you know that were properly named? I think it’s neat. HIGH FIVE, PARENTS.

5. What’s your sign? 

  • 辰年です(I think astrological signs are fairly stupid.)

6. Would you want to win the lottery if you could?

  • Money makes things more convenient sometimes, but also really messy. I don’t need much. So maybe? But not if it’s going to cause issues or drama. I’m doing just fine without having much.

7. What is your favorite animal?

8. Double stuffed or regular stuffed oreos?

  • SINGLE STUFF. Don’t ruin my golden ratio with extra stuff. Please. Just don’t. Also: freeze them before you feed them to me. And make them Joe-Joe’s.

9. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • I’m more interested in what may or may not be in Lake Vostok.

10. What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

  • CHRISTMAS EVE. All the way.

11. Do you have a favorite board game and what is it?

  • Trivial Pursuit. Because I’m full of useless information and like any opportunity to whip out random minutiae from the deep recesses of my brain.


Here are some questions, if it please ya:

  1. Do you print or write in cursive? What does your handwriting look like?
  2. What are your three favorites smells?
  3. If you could exist in a healthy manner on 1 hour of sleep a day but you could never dream again, would you?
  4. How do you sign-off in written correspondence?
  5. If you had to eat the same breakfast for the rest of your life (though all other meals were unaffected), what would it be?
  6. You’re given a free, no-strings-attached round-trip flight voucher to any city  for the upcoming three day weekend. You leave Friday night and return late Monday. Where do you go?
  7. Do you have any hidden talents?
  8. You’re on a road trip across the country - what are your must have items?
  9. What was your senior quote for your high school year book?
  10. What item(s) do you always carry on your person?
  11. Will you please come build my dresser for me? I got lazy and stopped 2/3 of the way through my bedroom furniture.
  1. captainmudphud replied:
  2. easybeinggreene said: These answers are good enough
  3. dawnversion2point0 said: I was completely misnamed. Both of my names mean early morning (Dawn Eileen) but I am sooo not a morning person. And I was 3 weeks overdue.
  4. trish-runs-the-world-away said: Samesies on 3,6, and 11! We shall win a modest amount of money in the lottery, get a tiny house in the woods, and play trivial pursuit. Just to play trivial pursuit. Ahh dreams.
  5. auspiciousstruggle said: I took the ‘what’s your sign?’ to mean whats your favorite sign (in sign language). Nerd alert.
  6. gilliansquirtle said: i was named properly too! gillian means youthful, and i was definitely born youthful…
  7. iron-inside said: WHAT’S IN THE LAKE?!?!
  8. runningwithguts posted this
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