Someone told me that in addition to having art in their bedrooms, adults don’t keep their box springs and mattresses on the floor. Can anyone confirm this? Urban legend?

Also, apparently it’s weird to go to IKEA by yourself and lift and load furniture by your onesie. Though I do admit that actually carrying a said¬†furniture¬†from your car to your apartment (which is down a set of stairs) by yourself is a wee bit tricky.

Regardless: IKEA, I see your two dudes and raise you one lady.


  1. afemdl reblogged this from runningwithguts
  2. learningthingsisfun said: It’s only weird if you think it is. It’s not because I do it too.
  3. ouray answered: I love that Ikea! Need to make a run there soon :)
  4. rookcanrun said: I can’t tell you how all smug I felt reading this post, recalling that 6 years ago I bought my first bed. Then I went upstairs to change the ceiling fan above me bed. Had to move the bed. Ya, the box spring and mattress are on the floor. doh.
  5. captainmudphud said: Fancy, fancy.
  6. ariavie said: I bought a dresser from Ikea once, it took hours to put together with the two of us.
  7. mar-kicksass answered: What’s DYEL?
  8. chrystimoreorless said: I have that nightstand….
  9. thisfearlesslife said: ADULT!
  10. therealdubtastic answered: Beet red table.
  11. becky-balances said: Ikea is the best!
  12. notovernight said: I am an adult, and I also live IKEA. Our bed is one if the met from ones from IKEA. But the hemnnes sets our so nice
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