KC invited me birding this morning, but I declined, because I was supposed to go to a CrossFit holiday party. But then I messed up times and ended up not going, so then the pants came off.

Now I have 24 paleo brownies sitting in my kitchen and I have no idea who to pawn them off on. They’re tasty, but they’re also cakey. I like fudgy brownies, and I normally wouldn’t serve/share anything but fudgy brownies, because standards.

But maybe I made paleo chocolate cake? Who knows. I’ll post the recipe in a bit for interested parties.

For now, I am reveling in a pantsless Saturday void of humans and full of Harry Potter, Christmas music, and apartment-scrubbing.

  1. sabineslife said: bring em anyways!! To the gym or something.
  2. trivialbob said: Those brownies are making me hungry.
  3. bostonmarathon2012 said: except for the apartment scrubbing, i like
  4. turtleseyeview said: I just finished reading the Tales of Beedle the Bard. Never enough HP.
  5. easybeinggreene said: I want to come eat your brownies and not wear pants.
  6. inasoutherlydirection said: Still take it to your box. People will love it
  7. benitle said: Nice thigh, lady!
  8. honestlyamy said: It’s too cold in MA now for pantsless Saturday
  9. gilliansquirtle said: THOSE BROWNIES LOOK SO GOOD!!!
  10. emilydoesscience said: omg. i love you… I’d eat your cakey brownies and not tell you that they’re too cakey!
  11. serial-cereal-eater said: mail 2 fl pls
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