Fuck, those miles were hard. So. Much. Pain.

And the “daylight” did nothing for me. How am I supposed to work on my base tan? Rude, Salt Lake. Just rude.

3.0 miles.


11:27 pace.

lolol - that’s almost 30 seconds/mile slower than I’ve been running. Talk about dead legs.

ALSO: I forgot to bring water with me. “It’s only three miles,” I said to myself. “I drank 124 ounces of water at work today,” I reasoned. #lolnope I dehydrate SO quickly. When I got home, my fingers were sausages and the ring that normally fits was stuck. Would not budge more than you see in that photo.

But fear not! I pounded some water when I got home, and after that, bathing, redressing, and putting some food in my person, the ring can be removed.  Oh! And the bruises on my shins are from all of those cleans yesterday. I like the barbell nice and snug against my legs when I lift.

Now: I am off to go explore SLC a bit and see a documentary, because the nerd life doesn’t slow down for yopros.

  1. milesandgiants said: Do you live a bit north of SLC? Also, I’m totally jealous you get to run around there. It’s a runner’s paradise down there but not so 100 miles north of there.
  2. mar-kicksass said: Is that your wedding ring from KC? Also, do you think if you routinely drank less water you’d dehydrate less since your urine would be more concentrated? Just wondering. You drink like 8x as much as I do!
  3. ariavie said: You should train for something at sea level….like the Avenue of the Giants Marathon. Your altitude training would make you soooo fast.
  4. getittogetherg said: We should talk training sometime…. I’m taking the plunge and could use advice…. I hear MCM is awesome ;)
  5. becky-balances said: Indy mini? All signs point to yes.
  6. uhoh-janellio said: way to get ‘em done! Also, I want your scarf!
  7. maryfreakingsunshine said: I am in love with that ring! I want to marry it and have little ring babies. Then sit on a porch with that ring, 50 years from now, laughing over our ring grandchildren! Where is it from, so I can start my new life?
  8. trivialbob said: I like that ring.
  9. thisfearlesslife said: You should train for something that I’ll be at.
  10. regainingmymoxy said: Hot dog fingers.
  11. runningwithguts posted this
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