Chain tat.
I dig it.

Chain tat.

I dig it.

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  2. chrystimoreorless said: Dem LEGS girl!!!
  3. thisfearlesslife said: I was going to make a nice comment about your (sexy) legs, but I’m going to have to agree with Seth.
  4. mar-kicksass said: I dig those thighs! :)
  5. ashamedtosay said: Um, your legs are super powerful looking!!!
  6. captainmudphud said: The neon white… It’s blinding.
  7. josethompson said: I want a chain tat too :(
  8. andjuliesaid said: give me your calves.
  9. becky-balances said: Nice calves!
  10. chrisbiketri said: Sexy!!
  11. runkathrynrun said: cool socks woman. we’re twinsies.
  12. getittogetherg said: You have some seriously smokin’ legs lady!
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