Sometimes I put more than 5 minutes into my appearance. As in maybe 15 minutes.

Off to a middle school fundraiser. Ah, the glamorous life!

  1. smokin-la said: you look AWESOME! Cute dress.
  2. lifeheadon said: Very pretty!
  3. taylooooorly said: Looking good!
  4. thisfearlesslife said: Will you wear this on one of our many upcoming date nights in NYC???
  5. funnyrunner said: Put this into your regular rotation. So cute!
  6. gilliansquirtle said: and i just smit’s photo reply and laughed out loud in a quiet computer lounge. lolllllllllz have fun, pretty sister!
  7. strengthgained said: YOU ARE SO CUTE.
  8. mr-smit replied:
  9. the-courage-2-grow said: aw brenna does cute! ;)
  10. captainmudphud said: Layla photobomb! And you look nice. Two compliments in one day. Don’t get used to it.
  11. becky-balances said: ooo, cute dress! and pretty Brenna :)
  12. run-doozer-run said: Gorgeous!
  13. maryfreakingsunshine said: Cute!!!
  14. tallmormon said: WOW! You are gorgeous, love that skirt!
  15. betternikki said: Cuuuuute!
  16. kentuckyhealthhunter said: Looking good!
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