Recipe for a good night: alternative carb-loading with these soft pretzels, no pants time, + Mumford & Sons Pandora station.

Pinky promise this isn’t turning into a food blog.

Long run tomorrow!

(Someone come help me eat these? PLEASE?!)

  1. tallmormon said: have mumford and sons pandora station too!!! LOOKS SO DANG GOOD!
  2. melissaruns262 answered: nommmm I’ll help! haha
  3. trish-runs-the-world-away answered: ME GOD YES CHOOSE ME
  4. jrfred said: First the peanut butter cups, now the pretzels…your blog is becoming my food porn
  5. mar-kicksass said: Knock knock… It’s MAR. I’ll help you eat the PB cups… I don’t even like pretzels… but I’ll have a couple. Do you have any beer? ;) Nice shirt btw.
  6. ariavie said: Here, let me send you my address…..
  7. duckyruns replied:
  8. runrunningrunner said: Yummmmmmmmmmm.
  9. kristinlosesit said: That sounds like the perfect night! :)
  10. rookcanrun said: I made this same recipe a few weeks ago! They were pretty good but they don’t keep all that well. Find some friends to eat them quick!! lol.
  11. boyswanna-be-her answered: Pretzels and no pants. Let’s get gay married.
  12. becky-balances said: perfect Saturday. also, I’m 99% sure I’ve done the same thing :)
  13. melanietris said: Forget that geography thing. I think baking is your calling.
  14. gilliansquirtle said: FEEDME
  15. captainmudphud replied:
  16. erocksrunning answered: i will eat that. meow.
  17. thisfearlesslife said: I CAN HAZ SUM?
  18. jbizzle329 said: Send them to me!
  19. kelzor answered: Mail the extras to Portland!
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