OH DEAR!: A Blood Donation Dialogue
Lady:This can't be right.
Lady:Your heart rate is really low and somewhat irregular.
Me:I run a bunch, which would explain the low heart rate.
Lady:I'm going to check it again for a full minute.
*checks again*
Lady:You have like... 3 slow beats followed by 3 faster beats. Has anyone ever told you that before?
Me:No, but I ran a marathon (#humblebrag) two days ago...
Lady:Hmm... It happened 8 times in a minute.
Me:Should I be freaking out?
Lady:I don't think so... OH. This tells me that less than 10 irregular beats is normal in athletes. I should have asked you that the first time around.
Me:*thinks to self* HEY, YEAH. I'M AN ATHLETE. Also, learn your shit. You scared the crap out of me.
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  3. kmoneyruns said: KICKASS
  4. kateziegler said: Boo-urns on low iron, but I bet they gave you snacks anyway. Also, WORD UP, ATHLETE!
  5. tomkeepstrying said: I am sure it is related to your breathing. Heart rate increases on inspiration and decreases on exhalation. This condition is common in children but not uncommon in adults. I have it. It is called sinus arrhythmia. Harmless. No worries! Nice brag!!!!
  6. 94monkeys said: moar iron rich foods! moar spinach! broccoli! lentils, do you do those?
  7. runslikeapenguin said: What was your RHR?! (curious) Also, I’m sure it started to become more irregular once she started freaking the crap out of you.
  8. gilliansquirtle said: "OH NOES THIS TELLS ME YOU’RE A MUTANT"
  9. sayhellotocindy said: Thank you for donating blood!
  10. melanietris said: "This tells me" What was she reading? A manual?
  11. chrystimoreorless said: Thank you for donating blood! My life was saved by donated blood, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your life to do this :-) And you are THE athlete!!!
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