MASSHOLES! (actually: everyone)

Go donate blood. Certain types (mine included) are at emergency levels in the Bay State.

Sadly, I can’t donate for a couple of weeks yet, but I’m scheduled for November 8th. Kate donated recently, and I got a little jelly. :D

Every donation can save up to three lives.

If you care about the fight against cancer but can’t afford to make a donation, this is the perfect way to show your support.

[Why I love donating blood.]

  1. kateziegler said: I do it for the fig newtons… <3
  2. uhoh-janellio said: I’m not allowed. :/
  3. ariavie said: I’m not allowed to either. But hubby is the O Hero for us. :)
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    I fully support blood donations as well! O+, baby. I can’t donate until after the marathon (unless I wanted to end up in...
  5. boyswanna-be-her said: Hah! I’m scheduled for November 8th too. Universal donor, what wat.
  6. chrisrunsoldschool said: Im embarrassed to say, I have never done that. I need to change that.
  7. captainmudphud said: No one will take my blood. They keep telling me it’s tainted. Assholes.
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