Five Random Things

As per runslikeapenguin's tagging request a while back:

  1. My momma loves to bake, but she can’t work without a recipe to save her life. My father is a professional bagel-baker, and he is mighty talented, but he gets zero joy from it. I somehow got my momma’s love and my father’s skill (even though I am self-taught). Lucky me!
  2. Left is always first. Sock, shoe, pant leg, arm sleeve, footstep, contact lens. Always the left.
  3. I am a very understated jewelry-wearer. I tend to only wear things that have meaning and are suitable for daily wear. (Read: grandfather’s dog tag, grandmother’s figure eight knot ring, earrings from my momma.) My favorite (very simple and small) pearl earrings broke, and I lost one of my studs for my second hole. That was probably 8ish months ago. I think I’ve only worn earrings two times since, and that was mostly just so they wouldn’t close up.
  4. I have never chosen a travel destination based on interest in a place. Instead, I travel to see the people who make any and all places vibrant and full of adventure.
  5. Anders was going to quote Hagrid during the wedding ceremony yesterday, but he thought better of it, assuming I would be the only one to pick up on it and laugh. He saved it for our hike out instead. (“Stalagmite’s got an ‘m’ in it.”) Spoiler alert: I laughed.

I don’t know how many people I’m supposed to tag, and I don’t really care. Here are all of the ‘b’ Tumblrs that I’m following:

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Mountain Mary Poppins

We stop for a snack break about two hours into the hike. J and S, married, pull out packs of crackers with cheese spread.

J: *to husband* Honey, do you want this cheese? I can’t eat it, it’s gross.
Me: Oh! I have some real cheese. Pepper jack. Would you like some?
J: *heart eyes* Yes!

We get to the wedding venue, Emerald Lake, and everyone begins to pull out food.

Me: Would anyone like a homemade bagel with bacon and pepper jack? I have enough to feed four other people.

*four people rush over to make sandwiches*

With nothing to entertain us while we wait for the bridal party, we begin scouting the cliff walls and the sky for mountain goats and birds.

Anders: Brenna, did you bring any pretzels?
Me: Of course, why? Would you like some?
Anders: Yeah, I need to lure some accipiters down here.

After jumping in the frigid lake that Jess and I had our way with last month, M is freezing.

Me: I have a jacket, if you’d like.
M: No, you’re wearing it! I’ll be okay.
Me: Here, I have another in my pack.
M: Whaaa…? You are the BEST!

After warming up a bit, M is contemplating her blisters.

M: What kind of socks are you guys wearing?
Anders: Wool.
J2: Wool.
Me: Wool.
M: I must have missed the memo! Next time no cotton.
Me: Do you want to borrow some wool ones? I have an extra pair in my pack.
M: Of course you do.

Laying about for a few hours while waiting for things to get underway, people are realizing that they’re quickly drinking all of their water.

Anders: I only have this much left! *indicates a couple of inches left in his bottle*
Me: Here, take my Nalgene.
Anders: No, I feel bad…
Me: I pinky promise it’s fine. I brought 156 ounces. I have more than enough.
Anders: Really?!

A bunch of people begin discussing the wasp/bee situation on the trail.

Dude: I got stung in the face!
M: Man, I wish someone had an epipen… I’m getting nervous!
Me: An epipen? I have one! Don’t worry, I would be happy to stab you should the occasion arise.

Under the midday sun for hours, we all start to get a bit toasty.

Dude 2: Hey, does anyone have some sunscreen I can use?
M: You know who I bet has some? *looks at me*
Me: I left it in the car! I’M SORRY, I’VE BROUGHT DISGRACE TO MY NAME.

My legs are delightfully sore today. Just enough to remind me that they were put to work (having logged 12 miles and ~3500’ after a month of death illness + recovery), but they are not so sore as to bring me much discomfort today.

Perhaps my pack was a bit overpacked yesterday, but I would always rather be over-prepared than end up lacking in something that I might need. Pretty sure the other wedding-goers appreciated my magical-pack-of-ceaseless-wonders, too.

Plus, that pack mixed with that hike made for a killer hip/glute workout. 10/10, would bring it all again.

Mountain wedding today. Any venue that requires 3500’+ vert is a-okay by me.

Plus, I had the cutest wedding date.

Shortly after waking today, I was sipping on my coffee and reading. This is generally how I spend weekend mornings when not in the mountains, and I’m on self-imposed rest until at least next weekend.

I had a leisurely day of laundry and bagel-making planned, but then I was interrupted by a text only a few sips and pages into my morning. “Want to go shooting?” Uhhhh, is this a real question? I rounded up KC and Jamie, and we headed down to West Mountain to litter the earth with metal pellets.

Surprisingly, I’m a really good shot. Apparently aiming shotguns at flying discs (clay pigeons) is totally my thing. Something about cocking and skeet, probably.

Winter is coming.

And I’m not even a little upset about it.

Last night, a storm rolled through. Temperatures fell in the valley and plummeted in the mountains. The mercury dropped so low that precipitation fell in the form of snow:


Timp was plastered in snow and shrouded in clouds. Gorgeous.

There were only 65 days between the last snowfall of the ‘13/’14 season and the first snowfall of the ‘14/’15 season. Hopefully this bodes well for a good ski year.

Anyway, this also meant that this morning when I left the house to run some errands (a little after 9 am), it was only 57ºF. For reference, usually when I leave for work (~7:45 am), it’s about 75-80ºF. I busted out my purple jeans, my favorite long-sleeved thermal, and wrapped a scarf around my neck. This is my weather.


I spent $450 on new tires. Then I spent $5 on coffee (read: triple shot latte) with Jess and Ethan. I spilled it on Anders’ novel upon taking my first sip.


Oops. (You really can’t take me anywhere.) “I’m sure it’s fine,” he told me. I felt a little badly that I had stained his precious baby. We agreed that it adds character.

Then I finally took The Mormon out to The Leonardo for his birthday present (the Animal Inside Out exhibit… a month late). Because nerds.


Baby camel! It’s cute even all sinewy, isn’t it?


They injected plastic into the veins and arteries of animals, and then after it hardened, they used acid to dissolve all of the remaining soft tissue. You are left with the arterial system of a dog.

Looks like Clifford to me.


He tried to make out with a cross-section of a horse head. Weirdo.



Then I ate some chocolate, took a nap, read some more book, and now I’m drinking seltzer and Tumblr’ing.

I feel leaps and bounds better (dare I say normal?) than I have in weeks, but I also know my body well enough to know that I need to keep resting for a while after I feel “normal.” If I jump back into things too soon, I set my recovery back and stay sick (see: last weekend). Scumbag immune system.

Anyway, that was my wild and crazy Saturday, y’all! Tomorrow, we make bagels.

"Do you worry that when you’re staying at a hotel anyone’s going to be snooping and looking at your stuff?" [x]
Jennifer, The Maid and The Butt Plugs

Jennifer Lawrence might be the love of my life.
Budgeting on pay day:
  • September rent
  • four new tires
  • new CV axle
  • set of dead blow hammers + miscellaneous car junk
  • credit card bill
  • student loans

It’s okay, I totally wanted to eat oatmeal for a month.

Maybe I’ll make a real post later this afternoon after the world’s smallest violin stops playing for me.

My body is still being a scumbag.

I came home from work and started reading The Giver.

After a few chapters and some eggs, I drew myself a niiiiiice hot bubble bath.

When I ran out of pages, I realized how cold the water was.

Protip: always have a headlamp at the ready.

Protip: always have a headlamp at the ready.